In order to use a sweepstakes successfully you should determine the following 3 items. Then you can go to our Sweepstakes Entries Calculator to determine the number of entries to award for each item purchased.

Choose the item(s) you want to promote with the sweepstakes. This can be as few as one item or multiple items or *based on a percentage of every sale.

*If you plan to base your sweepstakes as a percentage of every sale you need to first determine if any items NEED TO BE EXCLUDED.

Items you would exclude from receiving entries into the sweepstakes, when purchased during the promotion, would be Sales Tax, items without a sufficient profit margin, or items restricted by law. In some states, counties, or local jurisdictions, this may include tobacco products or alcohol products among others.


Choose the start and end date for the particular items you want to promote.

As an example, if Coca Cola is offering you a special discounted price on their product for the following month, you may want to announce the sweepstakes promotion on Cokes product for only that particular month.


Determine the dollar value of the discount you are willing to give to promote that particular item. This is done so that you when you use the Sweepstakes Entries Calculator you will give the correct amount of entries for that item.

The Sweepstakes Entries Calculator takes a dollar amount (the amount, in dollars, you are willing to give in order to help sell that item) and converts it to the ideal amount of sweepstakes entries to award on the Game Piece you give the customers.

Now that you have that determined, you can use the Sweepstakes Entries Calculator.


This calculator is meant to assist you in determining the amount of entries to award a customer for the purchase of specific items in your store.

NOTE: To manually calculate the number of entries to award for a particular dollar amount, take the discount value (in the case of coke it was $2, and multiply that by 167. The number you get should then be rounded DOWN to the nearest 100 and that’s the number of entries to award. We round down because we don’t want to recommend a number that is higher than your desired discount value. Feel free to use your best judgment and round up or to use any number you want (MUST BE IN INCREMENTS OF 100).
The Choice is always Yours.

The calculations for the example above: $2.00 x 167 = 334. Now round DOWN to the nearest one hundred and you have 300.

Determine the amount you are willing to discount the product in dollar value. For example: $2 off on a 12 pack of Coke.

Knowing the amount in dollars determines the number of entries that should be awarded in order to achieve that value.

You choose the amount and type it in the Discount Value box above.

The Calculated Entries box above is the calculated amount of entries you should award along with the sale of this particular item. The amount of entries is rounded off in increments of 100 entries.